On July 2, a bicycle and an 18-wheeler collided at an intersection. It may not surprise anyone in Wisconsin to know that the bicycle rider was fatally injured in the truck vs. bicycle accident. The driver of the 18-wheeler was not injured.

Reports indicate that the semi-truck was at the red light at the intersection of 8th Street and State Highway 13, or Veterans Parkway, in Marshfield. Meanwhile, a bicycle rider on his way home from work ended up beside the truck. As the truck began to negotiate the westbound turn onto State Highway 13, the bicycle and the truck collided.

The 56-year-old bicycle rider ended up getting caught underneath one of the trailer’s massive tires. The truck driver claims to have never seen the bicycle rider and told police that his trailer did not hit the curb as he made the turn. Police have not been able to determine who was at fault, so they have not issued any citations in connection with the accident. Eyewitnesses were not able to give police enough detail to determine exactly what happened.

Even though police have not issues any citations or filed any charges in connection with this unfortunately bicycle accident, the family of the deceased rider still retains the right to file a wrongful death claim. Under Wisconsin law, the family need only show that the truck driver was negligent in some way and that contributed to the death of their loved one. If they are able to successfully pursue a civil action, they may be able to get some justice for their loved one that can’t come from the police.

Source: waow.com, “Police: No citations issued in fatal bicycle crash,” Robert Imrie, July 11, 2013