Far to our east in Redgranite a community is grieving this month for the loss of an 81-year-old local man who lost his life just days ago in a tragic accident involving another vehicle. Police say that the man appears to have been abiding by all traffic laws just prior to the accident-a fact that unfortunately did not prevent him from being involved in the fatal crash.
The man had just left his home and was on his way to a family member’s house to cut their grass. The man was driving his riding lawn mower in the shoulder, making the 10-block trip to the family member’s house, when he slowly began drifting to his left into traffic. It’s at this point that he was hit by an SUV driven by a 56-year-old Milwaukee man.

The force of the impact, police say, caused the man to be thrown from the mower, leading to his fatal injuries. Many people in the community, including several of the responding officers, were stunned by the accident, especially considering how the man had been driving at the time of the accident. According to police, the man had been driving in the shoulder with a slow-moving vehicle sign attached to the back of the mower. Police also determined that he was only travelling about 25 mph at the time of the accident and the tractor was not even in the highest gear either.

Redgranite Police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding this fatal auto-pedestrian accident, including reasons as to why the driver did not stop when the mower began drifting into traffic.

Source: My Fox 55 News, “UPDATE: Man killed while going to mow lawn,” Emily Lippiello, July 4, 2013