Wisconsin police still have not released the name of the 41-year-old Milwaukee man in their custody who they believe was involved in a serious hit-and-run accident just days ago. Although charges have not been pressed at this time, police do believe that alcohol was the reason for the man’s reckless driving that could have claimed the life of a 23-year-old Marquette University student.

Police say the accident occurred just before 2 am while the 23-year-old student was riding a skateboard near North 16th Street and West Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee. Failing to yield to a red light, the 41-year-old man drove through the intersection and struck the female student before driving off. Police say that the man’s van was discovered parked several blocks away.

According to the girl’s father, she received serious injuries to her wrist and knee in the hit-and-run accident and may require surgery as a result. But as some people in the community point out, the accident could have ended much differently. Police believe that the man was drunk at the time of the accident which, as our readers know from past posts, greatly increases pedestrian’s risk for fatalities. That’s because drunk drivers often don’t realize how fast they are going or react quickly enough to the people around them, thus putting everyone else in considerable danger in return.

Though the 23-year-old will likely make a full recovery, her life will forever be changed by the 41-year-old man’s decision to drink and drive. It’s unclear, however, whether this life-changing experience will result in any civil actions at this time.

Source: 620wtmj.com, “Marquette student recovering after struck in alleged OWI hit-and-run crash,” Annie Scholz, June 19, 2013