Authorities believe that a man was impaired at the time he got behind the wheel of his car and began driving the roads of Wisconsin. People who are driving under the influence are far more likely to be involved in an accident than people who have not been drinking. Unfortunately, the driver in this instance has proved that supposition to be true.

As he was driving, he drifted into oncoming traffic and slammed into a vehicle coming from the opposite direction. All four of the people in the vehicle he hit suffered critical injuries that include broken bones. The damage to the vehicle they were in was severe enough that emergency personnel were required to free its occupants before their injuries could be conclusively assessed.

The driver of the vehicle suffered injuries severe enough that he had to be transported by helicopter to the hospital. It is not known what injuries, if any, the driver that hit their vehicle suffered. Further, the current condition of the four occupants of the vehicle he hit is unknown.

Accidents involving driving under the influence are easily preventable. However, each year there are several accidents attributed to it here in Wisconsin. As the injured victims recover, they may exercise their right to file personal injury claims against the driver in order to recover the costs and damages they have incurred as a result of their injuries by proving the driver was negligent. Doing so won’t change the events of that day, but it may help the driver to see that drinking and driving isn’t worth the cost.

Source: Palatine, IL Patch, “Palatine Residents Injured in Suspected DUI Crash in Wisconsin,” April 29, 2013