The medical examiner in St. Croix County was called to the scene of an accident that took place in St. Joseph Township on May 13. When he arrived, he examined the driver of one of the vehicles involved in the car accident and pronounced the Wisconsin woman dead at the scene. The driver of the other vehicle involved was taken to an area hospital.

A passenger in the second vehicle was reportedly uninjured in the crash. What injuries the driver of that vehicle sustained and her current condition have not been released. The occupants of both vehicles were properly restrained and the air bags in both vehicles deployed.

The St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office is conducting the investigation into the cause of the crash. What is known is that the first vehicle that was driven by the deceased woman had just come out of a parking lot when the second vehicle hit it. It remains to be seen which driver will be deemed at fault. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, charges may or may not be filed.

Since there is no official determination of who was at fault for the car accident as of yet, it may be beneficial for both the driver that survived and the family of the driver that died to make themselves aware of their rights and responsibilities under Wisconsin law. Should the deceased driver be deemed responsible, her estate could end up involved in a personal injury lawsuit filed by the driver of the second vehicle. Conversely, if the injured driver is found responsible, she could end up facing a wrongful death claim.

Source: Hudson Star-Observer, “Houlton woman dies in Monday afternoon crash,” May 14, 2013