Part of living in Wisconsin is having to sometimes share the roads with Amish buggies. Ordinarily, the buggies are equipped with reflective triangles to warn other vehicles that they are there and moving slowly. It not known whether a buggy recently involved in a car accident had a triangle on the buggy.

The buggy was carrying two adults and seven children when it was struck from behind by a 19-year-old Wisconsin teenager. The crash occurred on Highway 53 heading north. The young driver failed to yield to the slower moving vehicle. Some of the people in the buggy were thrown out of it during the accident. This isn’t the first incident of a buggy being hit by motorists causing several injuries and even death.

All nine of the buggy’s occupants are said to have sustained life-threatening injuries and were taken to area hospitals. No information about the nature of their injuries or their current conditions is available. The teenager that was driving the car was arrested. Authorities have not yet indicated whether speed or impairment were factors in the incident. However, the driver has a record of speeding tickets and a misdemeanor for not reporting an accident.

Under our state laws, anyone injured in a car accident retains the right to file a personal injury claim against the party or parties deemed responsible for that accident in order to recover any costs and damages the injured incurred as a result of the accident. Even if the people and families involved in this unfortunate accident decide not to avail themselves of this right, it is still available to them. Medical costs can add up quickly and further treatment may be required in the future.

Source:, “Man crashes into Amish buggy; 9, including 7 kids, severely injured,” May 4, 2013