The surviving family of a 79-year-old Mount Pleasant man still has no answers this month when it comes to the events surrounding the man’s death in December. Despite the Racine Police Department’s best efforts, investigators are still no closer to knowing what caused the deadly car accident that claimed his life, nor do they know who to hold responsible.

Racine Police, in combined effort with the Wisconsin State Patrol’s Technical Reconstruction Unit, do believe however that they have some of the accident figured out at this time. Although it does not bring closure to the situation, it does at least offer more answers than they had three months ago.

From what they can tell, the 79-year-old had been the lone occupant of an SUV that was travelling northbound through Racine. As the man neared an intersection, so too did a bus carrying two other people. The bus, travelling eastbound, crossed paths with the man’s car, ending in the fatal car accident.

But after months of piecing together information collected at the scene, police say that they are no closer to a resolution than they were back in December. According to police, the one piece of the puzzle that continues to elude them is which driver is responsible for violating the traffic light at the intersection.

Not getting all of the answers can be frustrating to family members who have lost someone as a result of a car accident. As friends and family likely are still piecing their lives back together, they too must wait for investigators to collect the unknown piece which could mean the difference between getting closure and forever not knowing the whole story.

Source: The Journal Times, “Cause unlikely to be determined for fatal bus crash,” Luke Feuerherm, March 19, 2013