Two elderly Wisconsin women probably consider themselves lucky to be alive this month after they were severely injured in an auto-pedestrian accident. As readers of our blog know, these accidents are usually incredibly serious and often times can lead to fatalities depending on the circumstances.

Thankfully this wasn’t the case for a 60-year-old Franklin woman and a 69-year-old Muskego woman whose brushes with death raise serious questions about elderly drivers and the risk they can pose to pedestrians.

The accident occurred earlier this month in downtown Milwaukee around 6pm. Investigators say that the women were walking along the street and had just entered into the crosswalk when a 71-year-old man driving a large SUV made a left turn, hitting both women in the process. Some people in the community are seeing this as further evidence of the danger elderly drivers can pose to pedestrians in town.

According to police, both of the women were rushed to the hospital. One of the women, though suffering from serious injuries, was treated for her injuries but was then released from care. The other woman was not as lucky and is likely still in the hospital after being listed in grave condition after the auto-pedestrian accident.

The fact that two people were seriously injured as a result of an elderly man’s negligent driving highlights a very real problem that many pedestrians in Wisconsin could face at one time in their lives. By not addressing the problem, state representatives could be putting further lives at risk of injury, or in the worst of cases, even death. Isn’t that something worth preventing in the future?

Source: The Journal Sentinel Online, “Downtown motorist hits 2 pedestrians,” Feb. 8, 2013