Icy roads, as well as perhaps a little negligence, were to blame for a serious accident that crippled three vehicles and sent13 people to the hospital this month. And although police have yet to complete the investigation into the matter, community members are already starting to speculate about what events led up to this series of accidents.

Some critics in Wisconsin, as well as other states across the Midwest think that because of last year’s mild winter, drivers have become complacent and may not be prepared for the inclement weather we are about to face this winter season. If true, this may have been the overarching cause of a three-car crash that happened in Clark County this month.

The crash took place along USH 10 around 3:30 pm. Because of the icy conditions of the roads, a driver lost control of their vehicle. The first vehicle sideswiped one vehicle then collided with a second vehicle head on before coming to a rest in almost the middle of the road. All of the passengers in the three vehicles were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries. Although the exact conditions of the victims has not been released as of yet, some are reported to be in critical condition at this time.

Pictures taken by the emergency crews moments after the crash show just how deadly this accident could have been. The hoods of the two cars involved in the head-on collision appear to be nothing more than smashed piles of twisted metal. As we know from similar accidents, high speed accidents like this can be risky for the drivers involved; but inclement weather always complicates situations.

Speculations surrounding the driver responsible for starting the chain of accidents are already starting to emerge among community members, including: was their negligence on the driver’s behalf? A question like this can make all the difference; especially to victims who may need answers to this and many more questions before seeking legal representation.

Source: WAOW.com, “Clark County crash injuries 13 people,” Feb. 11, 2013

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