Icy roads and blinding snow were to blame for a majority of crashes over the weekend here in Wisconsin, but a fatal accident in northwest portion of the state is a reminder now of just how serious car accidents can be sometimes.

The fatal crash occurred near Boyceville in Dunn County this month when a motorist driving eastbound sideswiped an oncoming pickup truck. The force of the impact sent the car into a skid where it then collided with another oncoming pickup truck.

A female passenger in the second pickup truck was killed on impact and emergency crews pronounced her dead on the scene. The driver of the car, whose name has not been released at this time, was rushed to an Eau Claire area hospital with undisclosed injuries, though readers of our blog know that injuries sustained in head-on collision such as this can be incredibly serious.

With rain and snow mixtures falling across the state, police and state troopers know that there will likely be further accidents, though they are more than likely hoping for minimal casualties. Although temperatures are expected to remain above freezing for the next few days, road conditions are still expected to be just as dangerous-a warning motorists will want to keep in mind as they head out this week.

Regardless of how safe of a driver a person thinks they are, inclement weather can always throw that unexpected monkey wrench into the mix. Slick roads and poor visibility can make even the best of drivers the cause of an accident. It’s important to keep in mind then that if you do cause an accident, you are responsible for any injuries you may cause another driver. After all, even if Mother Nature is to blame, she can’t be held responsible for her actions like drivers can.

Source: The Pierce County Herald, “One dead in accident near Boyceville,” Jan. 28, 2013