Wisconsin Highway 38 became the scene of a head-on collision that sent three people to the hospital recently. Only one of the three injured is known to have been released from the hospital. The car accident happened in the vicinity of Brooke Road in Caledonia.

The Wisconsin State Patrol and the Caledonia Police Department are investigating the accident. So far, authorities know that the vehicles met head on as they were both negotiating the same curve from opposite directions. It is not yet clear exactly what happened and which driver may have been at fault for the collision.

All that is known is that the driver and passenger in the vehicle that was heading north had to be taken from the scene by helicopter. The driver was flown to Froedtert Hospital while the 3-year-old passenger was flown to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. The nature of their injuries is unknown, but they were initially characterized as critical injuries. The driver of the southbound vehicle was transported to a hospital where he was apparently treated for his injuries and released.

Both of the drivers involved in this car accident may want to seek advice regarding their rights and responsibilities under our state laws. Each of them drivers and the family of the 3-year-old have the right to file personal injury claims against the party or parties deemed responsible for their injuries. If the filing party can prove that another party was negligent in a way that caused or contributed to the injuries suffered, the filing party may be awarded reimbursement for monetary damages incurred as a result of the accident. In addition, the court may award additional damages as applicable under Wisconsin law.

Source: TheJournalTimes.com, “Man released from hospital after Highway 38 crash,” Michael Burke, Dec. 22, 2012