In what began as an argument in a local bar, quickly escalated to a fight between two young adults. But when it spilled onto the streets of Milwaukee, that’s when witnesses say it began to get out of hand.

Two amateur photographers, one at street level and another in his third-floor apartment across the street, captured video of the fight as it took place. The women initially throw punches at each other, one even grabbing the other woman by the hair and dragging her into the street. But seconds later, the situation turns dangerous, even for the photographer on the street.

In an attempt to escape, one of the women gets into her small, silver vehicle which the second woman begins hitting, knocking out one of the headlights. The video then shows that the woman driving the car backs up, then turns towards the second woman and drives forward quickly, knocking her to the ground. The silver car then drives along the sidewalk, crashing into a parking meter in the process. The woman driving the car then flees the scene before police arrive.

It’s important to point out that although only the second woman appears to have been injured during the accident, had the amateur photographer not gotten out of the way when they did, and had there been more people present on the sidewalk at the time of the accident, the silver car could have injured other pedestrians while recklessly driving on the sidewalk.

Scenarios such as this, though they may seem rare, can happen anywhere, at anytime and often times, innocent bystanders can get injured as a result. This is an important reminder to stay vigilant at all times, even when you least expect it.

Source:, “Hit-and-run caught on camera,” Dec. 23, 2012