It may seem like common sense to say that you should always be vigilant when you drive or operate a motor vehicle, but as the number of motor vehicle accidents continually rise as we near the end of the year, some of us wonder if people are really getting this message.

A terrifying story out of Barron County this month illustrates not only the importance of vigilance while on the roadways but the severe consequences that can occur because of a serious accident.

At the tail end of October this year, a Wisconsin family was enjoying a buggy ride just shortly after 9:30 pm when suddenly, they were struck by a semi truck. The parents, a 31-year-old man and his 30-year-old wife, along with their three daughters who are between the ages of seven and ten, were all seriously injured in the car accident.

But instead of stopping to help the injured family, witnesses say they watched as the Jennie-O semi truck took off, leaving the family to fend for themselves.

Paramedics arrived moments later and transported the family to local hospitals for treatment. Updated reports have not be released surrounding the family’s condition, though it is very likely that they could have suffered cuts and bruise, or even more serious injuries such as broken bones and head injuries.

According to police, a 40-year-old man was arrested in connection with the accident. He is being held under the suspicion of hit and run and could face further charges after the Barron County district attorney has had a chance to thoroughly review the case.

In the mean time, the family is being treated for their injuries as they wait for prosecutors to give them some sense of justice by holding the negligent driver responsible for his actions.

Source: The Pioneer Press, “Wisconsin semi driver arrested in hit-run that injured buggy riders,” Joseph Lindberg, Nov. 1, 2012