The Wisconsin State Patrol reports that two Waukesha County deputies were taken to Froedtert Hospital after suffering injuries to their backs and faces. The deputies were injured when their cruiser was struck by another vehicle. One teen has been arrested in connection with the car accident.

The deputies were in a median watching westbound traffic when an eastbound vehicle strayed into the median and careened into the back of the deputies’ cruiser. The impact caused the eastbound vehicle to catch fire. The deputies jumped out of their vehicle and were able to save the driver and passenger of the car. The teenage passenger in the car was taken by helicopter to Froedtert Hospital and is listed as being in critical condition.

The driver of the vehicle was taken to Waukesha Memorial Hospital with minor injuries. Authorities believe the 18-year-old driver was drunk and arrested him. The Wisconsin State Patrol is handling the investigation. In addition to facing possible criminal charges, the young driver may also face personal civil action. Considering that two of the witnesses to the crash were Waukesha County deputies, the possibility of facing both criminal and civil consequences in connection with the crash are considerable.

The critically injured passenger and his family have the right to file a personal injury claim against the driver. The family may be entitled to recover costs such as medical expenses incurred in connection with the car accident. If they are able to prove that the driver of the vehicle was negligent and that his actions caused the passenger’s injuries, they may recover those medical costs in addition to any other damages allowed by law that the court feels they are entitled to receive.

Source:, “Injured Waukesha deputies rescued teenagers in fiery freeway crash,” Jay Sorgi, Nov. 1, 2012