Drivers across the state of Wisconsin are used to seeing large trucks on the roads. It never fails to make drivers nervous when passing them though because there is always the uncertainty of whether or not they see you driving next to them.

But it’s not just in instances where we try to pass them that we worry they won’t see us, it’s in instances of low visibility or in cases of heavy traffic that we wonder how much risk we’re actually in. A recent deadly accident in Nebraska reminds drivers in Wisconsin of just how dangerous it can be to share the roads with these vehicular giants.

A Maryland family was driving along the interstate in two separate vehicles on their way to California when they stopped on the highway for a previous truck accident. Accident reports indicate that a truck experiencing brake problems was struck from behind by another truck driver which effectively blocked a majority of the interstate.

In an affidavit, another truck driver, also stopped in traffic, stated that he noticed another truck driver quickly approaching the accident scene from behind at a high rate of speed. “There was lots of CB chatter about the first crash,” he said but it seemed that the driver did not notice what was going on ahead of him.

According to an investigator’s report, the truck slammed into the first of the family’s cars at a speed of 75 mph which then collided with the second car. Accident reconstructionists say that the force of the collision caused both cars to explode, killing the family members inside both vehicles.

The grandparents of the deceased family have now filed a wrongful death lawsuit, naming all three truck drivers as responsible for the family’s death.

Source:, “Three Drivers, Five Companies Named in Nebraska Crash Lawsuit,” Truckinginfo staff, Nov. 1, 2012