Wisconsin police officers assume a certain amount of risk while on duty. They know that the possibility of being injured or killed is very real every time they go on a call. In fact, it’s typically just part of the job. But what about when they are off duty? Unfortunately, police officers are just as likely to be involved in a car accident off duty as anyone else.

One Milwaukee police officer is in critical condition after being involved in a car accident while off duty. The officer had just gotten off work when he encountered an allegedly drunk driver on I-94. The woman was said to be driving the wrong way down the highway without her headlights when she slammed into the police officer. She also received critical injuries in the crash.

Drunk driving is illegal for a reason. Drivers who get behind the wheel of a car after drinking not only risk their own lives but the lives of anyone they encounter on the road. Drunk drivers are simply not as capable of paying attention to the road and reacting to other drivers.

When the officer is out of danger and on the mend, he may elect to file a personal injury lawsuit against the woman who apparently caused the accident. Even though recovering from his injuries will be foremost on the Wisconsin officer’s mind, medical bills and lost wages will likely continue to mount. If it can be proven in civil court that the woman caused the officer’s injuries by negligence, he may be able to recover any out-of-pocket medical expenses, lost wages and other financial losses incurred as a result of this car accident. Further, when it is determined that an individual’s negligent actions in Wisconsin were also reckless or even intentional, a claim for punitive damages may be considered as well.

Source: WTAQ.com, “Milwaukee police officer hospitalized after hit by drunk wrong-way driver,” Sept. 6, 2012