Every driver on the roads in Wisconsin is counting on other drivers to be in control of their faculties, obey the rules of the road, and be alert for obstacles. When a person gets behind the wheel of a car after drinking, they are forgetting about everyone else on the road and selfishly risking the lives of everyone around them. Driving drunk dramatically increases the possibility of having a car accident.

One alleged drunk driver was involved in an accident that killed two people and sent eight others, including himself and the driver of the other vehicle, to the hospital. According to Wisconsin authorities, the man failed to stop at a sign and entered an intersection into the path of a pickup truck. The pickup truck was unable to avoid colliding with the passenger side of the SUV. The two people that were killed were both in the SUV.

The Chippewa County authorities said it took three hours to get everyone out of the vehicles and investigate the accident scene. They believe that all eight of the injured are still in the hospital, including the driver of the SUV. Based on their investigation, they anticipate charges to be brought against the driver of the SUV, relating to both the deaths and injuries as a result of alleged drunk driving.

In addition to any criminal charges that may be filed against the SUV driver, he may also be faced with civil actions for personal injury and wrongful death. Victims of this car accident and their families are amassing medical bills, funeral costs, lost wages, and other expenses in connection with this accident. No amount of money can erase the horror of a tragedy such as this, but a successful legal claim may help in the overall recovery of the victims and prevent the tragedy from turning into a financial disaster as well.

Source: Chippewa Herald, “Driver in fatal crash posts bond,” Rod Stetzer, Sept. 11, 2012