As most Wisconsin drivers know, having something go wrong with a vehicle while driving it can be scary. In that moment of panic, most drivers do whatever they can to get off the road as quickly as possible. Getting off the road is a good idea, but it has to be done safely in order to avoid a car accident.

As a Chevy Corsica was traveling down Wisconsin 42, the driver smelled something burning and looked down to see smoke coming out of the steering column. In that driver’s moment of panic, he began turning left into a parking lot. Unfortunately, he turned into a motorcycle sending its riders onto the pavement. The passenger on the motorcycle was pronounced dead at the scene, and the driver was airlifted to St. Vincent Hospital in Green Bay.

The driver of the Corsica has been cited with failure to yield the right of way. In his moment of panic, the driver of the Corsica allegedly failed to pay adequate attention to the road, and slammed into the motorcycle. Now, the families of the driver and passenger on the motorcycle are left to deal with the aftermath.

Even though it isn’t the first priority of the families right now, they will eventually decide whether to file a civil action against the driver of the Corsica. Filing a wrongful death action in the case of the passenger won’t bring her back, but proof of negligence may result in relief from some of the financial burden that is the inevitable result of her death in this car accident. In much the same way, filing a personal injury lawsuit won’t help the motorcycle driver heal any faster, but a successful claim may help defray some of the medical costs and lost wages he and his family are faced with now.

Source:, “Update: Plymouth couple identified in motorcycle accident near Sister Bay,” Ramelle Bintz, Aug. 26, 2012