Nearly everyone in Wisconsin was told at least once when they were a kid that you should always look both ways before crossing the street. It seems to be one of the more common sense things that our parents taught us in our youths but with more and more people getting injured or killed due to auto-pedestrian accidents, it would seem that adults may need a refresher course.

In an attempt to protect pedestrians in crosswalks, New York City officials have launched a sidewalk logo campaign called “Look!” in which the phrase has been spray painted on surfaces across the city in an attempt to get people to look before crossing streets.

It’s definitely a craze that could catch on in Wisconsin considering the traumatic effect pedestrian accidents have had on the community over the past few decades.

It seems that the campaign is not only notifying pedestrians but drivers as well. Distracted driving is one of the largest causes of pedestrian accidents in Wisconsin, often times leaving people horribly injured, or in the most tragic of cases accidents can lead to death.

According to reports, the “Look!” logo has been placed all over the city, from sidewalks to the backs of buses, giving people a sort of “in your face” reminder that we need to all be responsible, whether it be driving smart or walking smart.

Though several states away, many residents in Wisconsin hope this trend will catch on in their towns. And even though they know it may not stop all accidents, at least the message is out there and hopefully can prevent further potentially deadly situations.

Source: The New York Observer, “Look Out! DOT Creates Crosswalk Decals, Ad Campaign to Prevent Pedestrian Accidents,” Matt Chaban, Sept. 19, 2012