Failure to yield the right of way. This may just be one of the most common citations written after a car accident. When a driver fails to pay attention and properly yield to another car when required, the end result is often an accident at worst and a near miss at best. Every driver in Wisconsin has at some point felt that rush of adrenalin that comes with knowing that you narrowly missed either hitting a car or being hit by a car because you weren’t paying attention.

Hopefully, there are proportionately more near misses than actual collisions, but no one knows. One Brussels, Wisconsin woman driving a Pontiac was not fortunate enough to experience the near miss. As she attempted to enter into traffic and cross the road, she struck a Honda and sent it spinning. All three women involved in this two car accident were injured. The woman driving the Pontiac that pulled out into traffic was treated at the scene, but two women in the Honda were taken to the hospital with unknown injuries.

Both vehicles sustained damage. The Honda was severely damaged, but the Pontiac was only moderately damaged. Authorities cited the driver of the Pontiac with failure to yield the right of way.

Both the driver of the Pontiac and the driver and passenger in the Honda may find it necessary to be advised of their rights and responsibilities under Wisconsin law in connection with this car accident. At a minimum, there are medical bills and property damage that will need to be dealt with. The driver of the Honda and her passenger may decide to file personal injury actions against the driver of the Pontiac based on allegations of negligence that are claimed to have caused or contributed to the injuries they suffered.

Source:, “Two-vehicle crash injures three women,” Aug. 14, 2012