Wisconsin drivers typically do their best to obey the traffic laws and be considerate to others on the road. When most drivers are involved in an accident, they are considerate enough to stop, especially if someone may be hurt. In fact, the law requires them to do so. Unfortunately, there are those who flee the scene of a car accident, not even stopping to make sure that no one is hurt. Finding a hit-and-run driver can be time consuming and challenging for authorities.

Luckily, authorities are able to find a good portion of hit and run drivers. Superior, Wisconsin police investigators were able to track down a driver suspected of hit-and-run where a man died. The wrongful death occurred when the man was hit by a four-door sedan. Police later found the sedan and arrested and charged the man they believe was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident.

According to reports, the suspect has a history of criminal convictions, including OWI and felony bail jumping. The family of the victim may now have some peace of mind that the police have located the vehicle that struck their loved one. It remains to be seen whether the suspect police have arrested will be convicted on charges related to the tragic fatality.

In addition to awaiting the outcome of the criminal charges against the suspect, the family will be faced with determining whether to file a wrongful death action against the driver in connection with this hit-and-run car accident. Knowing what their rights and responsibilities under Wisconsin law are with regard to filing any civil action may help make their decision easier. In a time when everything may be upside down and chaotic, having some guidelines to follow may give the family some peace.

Source: Duluth News Tribune, “Suspect, victim ID’d in Superior fatal hit and run” Aug. 21, 2012