A stretch of Wisconsin Highway 29 near River Falls was the scene of a potentially serious wreck on June 27. The two-vehicle car accident occurred on that Wednesday shortly before 6 p.m. — right around rush hour. Luckily, one driver was not injured, and the other is in good condition.

An 89-year-old farmer was attempting to cross Highway 29 when a man driving a Mazda Protégé slammed into him. The farmer was thrown from his vehicle and was lying in the street. Thankfully, no other vehicles were close enough to hit the conscious but vulnerable man. The driver of the Mazda was not injured. The accident bogged down traffic for about an hour as police and fire officials cleared the scene.

This accident could have been disastrous had the circumstances been even slightly different. Being thrown from a vehicle is dangerous and frightening enough, but finding yourself in the middle of the street unprotected from traffic must be horrifying, especially for a victim approaching his 90th birthday.

Driving any type of vehicle, even a farmer’s utility vehicle, requires the driver’s full attention. Both the farmer crossing the highway and the drive of the Mazda had a responsibility to diligently watch for potential hazards on the road. Individuals who are injured in an auto accident should be aware of their rights as victims under Wisconsin law. Fault may lie with the other driver, and that means compensation may be available for medical bills, lost wages and any pain and suffering that resulted from a crash.

Source: rivertowns.net, “SECOND UPDATE: Farmer injured in accident on Hwy 29,” June 28, 2012