The band While We’re Up lost one of its members on July 8 as the rock group travelled between tour sites on a Wisconsin roadway. The fatal crash happened when the car in which the band members were travelling blew a tire. As happens in many such car accidents, the fatality occurred when the driver of the vehicle lost control as a result of the flat.

The young band member’s death came as the car in which he was a passenger rolled. Others in the vehicle, including the driver and another passenger, were also injured. They were airlifted to local hospitals for medical treatment.

Police continue to investigate the one-car crash. Though authorities don’t believe that alcohol played a part in the fatal accident, in such crashes it is a standard policy for officials to conduct toxicology tests on the driver. The results of these tests, as well a review of all additional evidence, may assist authorities in determining exactly what happened the day the death occurred.

The deceased young man was an Arizona native, and members of the local music scene in his home state are mourning his loss. The young man’s family must also confront the devastating grief following their loved one’s death. As police work to complete their investigation, it is likely that the young man’s family will look for answers. In doing so, family members may wish to review maintenance records for the vehicle, particularly if it was a rental. When all of the relevant evidence is accumulated, the family can then assess whether they wish to pursue a wrongful death claim alleging negligence under Wisconsin law.

Source:, “Local rocker Zach Booher, 22, of While We’re Up dies on tour,” Ed Masley, July 9, 2012