A recent car accident in Wisconsin has taken a young boy’s life. At the time of the crash, the 7-year-old and his family were having dinner at a picnic table behind his father’s workplace in Madison. Without warning, a car suddenly sped off the street and careened into a tree, which caused the vehicle to become airborne and land on the picnic table. The car accident killed the boy and seriously injured his mother. His father and younger sister escaped with injuries that were not considered life-threatening.

Police were investigating whether the 59-year-old driver of the car had a medical condition that may have caused her to lose control of the vehicle. Authorities have not released any other details regarding their investigation, and the driver’s current medical condition was not reported. The boy’s mother was subsequently listed as being in stable condition.

Serious car accidents happen for a wide variety of reasons, including inattention, impairment, recklessness or weather conditions. Other times, accidents are caused by medical issues, which may or may not have been foreseen. But while car accidents are certainly not always predictable, it is possible for a person to know when he or she should not be driving.

For instance, when someone has had too much to drink, or perhaps is subject to blackouts from a diagnosed medical condition, that person should be reasonably aware of the possible risks and then act accordingly. While it remains to be seen what happened in this instance, the car driver may face civil liability claims for the boy’s tragic death and the other injuries that resulted.

Source: Hudson Star-Observer, “Officials identify boy killed in freak picnic accident,” June 8, 2012