A large group of motorcyclists was struck by a car that randomly crossed the center line of a highway in Wisconsin, northeast of Milwaukee. Of the 12 bikers on the road at the time, nine were injured, while a tenth man, a 59-year-old, was killed by the crash. The driver of the car survived but had to be extracted from his vehicle after the fatal accident.

The sudden end to the cyclist’s life, while he was out enjoying a ride, is certainly a tragedy in every sense of the word. All of the motorcyclists involved were from out of state, and their conditions in the hospital reportedly ranged from fair to serious.

The 25-year-old man who apparently caused the collision was released from the hospital on June 3, only to be immediately arrested. Among other citations, he is likely to be charged with homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle. The man is also involved in other charges unrelated to the crash, including felony bail jumping and violating probation after a drug conviction.

It is unclear if the at-fault man was driving recklessly due to drugs, but two unopened syringes were found in his pocket at the scene. Negligent use of a vehicle resulting in wrongful death can be classified in a number of ways, including being distracted, use of illegal drugs, texting while driving and drunk driving. Investigators will presumably sort out exactly why this tragic accident occurred.

Fatal auto accidents can be devastating for everyone involved. A motorcyclist has lost his life for doing nothing more than enjoying the open road and riding with a group of friends. It remains to be seen whether the victim’s family will turn to the Wisconsin courts to pursue a wrongful death claim, but it would appear the family has grounds to receive some measure of compensation, however incomparable it is to losing a loved one.

Source: Cycle News, “10 Motorcyclists Struck By Car In Wisconsin,” June 7, 2012