When a person is injured in an accident involving an automobile it is standard practice for the injured person to make a claim against the driver who injured them as well as that driver’s insurance company. Including the insurance companies is important because individual drivers do not usually have sufficient assets to reimburse the people they injure. But what happens if the driver does not have insurance?

If a driver does not have insurance an injured person may face the dilemma of suing a driver and not even getting enough compensation to cover their medical expenses. If you have an automotive insurance policy in the State of Wisconsin, you most likely have something known as uninsured motorist coverage. Wis. Stat. §632.32 regulates certain insurance provisions and among other things, provides for uninsured motorist coverage in insurance policies. Basically, uninsured motorist coverage means that if you are injured by a driver who does not have insurance, your insurance company will pay you an amount of money to help make up for the driver’s lack of insurance.

You may have heard that due to recent legislation the amount of money you might be entitled to through uninsured motorist insurance may have been reduced. Depending on the date of the accident, this may be true. Nonetheless, the principal of coverage and the safety net provided by it remain. Uninsured motorist insurance coupled with a knowledgeable attorney on your side could make the difference for you.

Uninsured motorist insurance may be a very powerful tool for you if you have been injured by a motorist without insurance. Contact an attorney today to explore your options and to help determine what you are entitled to.

Written by: Russell D. Nicolet

*please note that this is general information only and not intended to be legal advice. If you have questions or need legal advice please setup an appointment with our attorney, or an attorney of your choosing.

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