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Debt Settlement Attorney To Help You Stand Up To Creditors

If your debt is mounting, you should see an attorney for debt and bankruptcy who can dig into the details of your case while developing the best possible plan for keeping your finances in order.

For some people who are facing mounting credit card debt or medical bills, debt settlement is another way to clear your financial stresses without going through the bankruptcy process. If you can sense that your financial footing is slipping, the legal professionals of Nicolet Law Office, S.C., can help you proactively protect your assets.

In many situations, a lawyer at our law firm may be able to get clients into a settlement program, obtain a loan modification, use debt consolidation effectively, or negotiate a settlement that reduces the amount of money they pay and eliminates the need to file for bankruptcy. We aggressively work to reduce and settle debt while effectively advocating for our clients and putting them on a reasonable debt management plan.

We are able to create a debt settlement program (or use the bankruptcy process, if debt settlement is not applicable to your situation) to help you:

  • Fight off debt collectors who are contacting you at all hours of the day
  • Stop wage garnishment and repossession of your property
  • Slow or stop the downward drop of your credit score that’s shown on your credit report.
  • Engage in debt negotiation and find reasonable monthly payments that will help you pay off your debt without putting you in a dire financial situation.
  • Prevent creditors from using the amount you owe on personal loans to go after your business assets (provided those assets were not put up as collateral for those loans).
  • Get caught up when you’ve fallen behind on your credit card payments and late fees, whether through a lump sum settlement, a payment plan, or other option.
  • Protect against a lawsuit or other forms of debt collection regarding the money you owe.

Whether you are being contacted by creditors, debt collectors, credit card companies, or any other person trying to get you to settle your debts, don’t go through the process alone. Having a trusted bankruptcy attorney by your side can make the debt settlement process as efficient as possible and minimize the long-term debt that you’ll move forward with.

If filing for bankruptcy becomes the better alternative for settling your debts, a bankruptcy and debt settlement attorney at our law firm can help you determine whether Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a Chapter 128 bankruptcy alternative, or some other option is best for you and your family.

Nicolet Law Office, S.C., is well-known in the community, and other law firms know what to expect when we are on the case. This ultimately assists in seeking the best possible outcome for our clients and helping to minimize the amount of money they owe and reduce their financial stress.

A Note About Student Loans

While the bankruptcy code provides a form of national debt relief for a variety of debt types, student loans are typically not able to be discharged (or considered as forgiven debt) in bankruptcy. While some other form of settlement agreement or bankruptcy option may help you get your payments under control, right now student loan debt cannot be discharged without meeting a set of criteria known as the Brunner test (which most people aren’t able to meet). However, through settlement services such as negotiating your payments and reorganizing other debt is a way that you can regain control of your student loans and your finances.

Free Consultation With A Debt Settlement Attorney

We offer flat-fee bankruptcy, payment plans and reasonable fees. Call our law firm 715-802-0872 or 800-456-6956, or fill out our contact form, for a free initial consultation with a settlement lawyer.


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