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Under the law, employers are supposed to provide workers' compensation insurance coverage for their employees. After an accident on the job, or a work-related injury or disability, the employer is supposed to facilitate the process by helping the worker apply for the medical treatment and benefits available to them under the workers' comp system. Too often, though, the employer tries to downplay the incident and throws up roadblocks that make it difficult for an injured worker to exercise his or her rights.

If you have been injured in a workplace accident, or feel that you have a work-related medical condition that requires medical treatment, follow these simple steps with your workers' compensation filed claim:

  1. Report the accident or work-related injury immediately to your immediate supervisor and follow up to make sure the incident report is submitted to the appropriate department at your place of work.
  2. Discuss with your employer your right to seek medical treatment and clarify the rules for receiving the level of treatment to which you are entitled. Remember, medical benefits are typically limited to immediate care by a licensed physician. Do not see a specialist or clinic for the treatment of pain unless you have been formerly referred by your primary care physician.
  3. Collect and keep copies of all accident reports and medical records relative to your injuries.
  4. Follow your doctor's orders, including prescription medications.
  5. You have the right to change doctors if you choose to do so. Notify your employer of your intent to find a new doctor before you make any appointments.
  6. Keep your employer fully informed regarding the level of diagnosis and your doctor's orders regarding remaining off of work or returning to work on a reduced schedule or to lighter job tasks.
  7. Make an appointment with an experienced workers' compensation claims attorney. Even if your claim is approved without a problem, you will want to start a legal relationship as soon as possible, in the event you need to appeal a denied claim.

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