Fighting For Your After An ATV Accident

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accident usually involves significant injuries as well as significant stress and pressure. You might be wondering what you will do to cover the costs of medical expenses, especially if you are missing work because your injuries. Also, there are concerns about bringing a legal claim.

It is important not to handle your lawsuit on your own. There are many mistakes and legal pitfalls for those who are not trained lawyers. At Nicolet Law Office, our lawyers have the experience and knowledge needed to get you the compensation you need after an ATV accident.

We represent clients who have been seriously injured in ATV accidents caused by:

  • ATV rollover accidents: Rollovers are among the most common accidents among all ATVs.
  • ATV failure: Brake failures and other problems can result from poor manufacture or design.
  • Collisions with other vehicles: Other ATVs driving recklessly can cause serious accidents. If someone else was responsible for your accident, that person should be held accountable.
  • Dangerous conditions: Dangerous conditions on recreational land can cause accidents and serious injuries.

Our lawyers will find the cause of your vehicle accident and determine liability. We will work to bring a claim so you can obtain compensation for the full extent of your long-term injuries.

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