Disability Benefits And Cancer

Cancer is a frightening diagnosis to receive. Not only are the disease and treatment difficult to bear, but the uncertainty that comes even with remission can be a heavy emotional burden. One would think that any diagnosis of cancer would be enough to automatically trigger Social Security Disability benefits, but unfortunately that is not the case and applications are often denied. However, our attorneys are skilled at getting applications approved and will significantly increase your chances of success. Nicolet Law Office, S.C. has served clients throughout Wisconsin for decades, and we are eager to serve you, too.

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Do I Really Need An Attorney?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) currently recognizes over 100 different varieties of cancer, each with their own set of criteria for what constitutes a disability. Some cancers are almost always approved for benefits, while others are less so. The rules governing disability are strict, numerous and change frequently.

If this sounds confusing, you're right. That is why a skilled attorney can be so beneficial. By staying up to date on changes to eligibility criteria, we can suggest the best course of action to help you obtain the benefits you need.

Fast-Tracking Your Benefits Application

Some forms of cancer are severe enough that they receive special treatment from the SSA. The so-called "Compassionate Allowances" provision allows people with these kinds of cancer to have their applications fast-tracked, dramatically shortening the timeframe for approval. Our lawyers can determine whether you qualify for this abbreviated process.

What About Remission?

Does a person still get benefits even if they go into remission? Good question. The Social Security Administration follows what is known as the "Three Year Rule." If you have been approved for benefits and your cancer later goes into complete remission, you can continue receiving benefits for three years. After that, the SSA does not consider you disabled and the benefits will stop.

Talk To Us About Your Cancer Diagnosis

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