Protecting People With Mental Impairments

The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs recognize that certain types of mental, emotional and psychological disabilities may render the person unable to return to work to earn a living. If you reside in Wisconsin or the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area and feel that you or a loved one has a valid claim for SSDI payments, turn to Nicolet Law Office, S.C. for help.

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Cognitive And Psychological Conditions

Some of the common mental impairments and emotional disorders that often qualify for benefits include:

While most workers can easily equate a physical injury with the inability to return to work, it can be challenging for some to put psychological distress in the same category. Fortunately, the government understands that the emotional trauma of depression, anxiety and PTSD can be debilitating. Our attorneys have provided years of dedicated service to clients struggling with mental impairment, and we have achieved success in a variety of disability-related cases. Our lawyers will fight every step of the way to ensure you recover the workers' compensation benefits you deserve. Nicolet Law Office, S.C., understands the severity of psychological disability and will provide the legal guidance and attention you need.

Disability Benefits For Alcoholism And Substance Addiction

In most cases, chemical dependency by itself will not qualify for government benefits. However, alcoholism and drug addiction are often the result of self-medicating for a mental or emotional disability that lies at the root of the abuse. We will advise you on strategies for determining the proper mental illness to improve your chances of receiving benefits.

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