Credit Card Debt and Medical Debt

Bankruptcy Attorneys Working with You to Resolve Financial Distress

If you have lost your job in Wisconsin or eastern Minnesota and are falling behind on payments for credit cards, unsecured loans or medical bills, the lawyers whose knowledge and leadership can bring you back are on the team at the Nicolet Law Office, S.C.

Our lawyers know that credit card debt and mounting medical bills are two of the most stressful financial battles people face. Tempted by low introductory rates, increased credit limits and balance transfers, consumers often live beyond their means. A sudden personal injury that is out of your control, however, can prove expensive for surgery, hospitalization and complex therapies. Families are suddenly plunged into financial distress, and a failing state and national economy are no help.

The need to resolve difficulties like these, foreseen and unforeseen, are why you could benefit from the knowledge, skills and foresight at Nicolet Law Office, S.C.

Our lawyers use their command of Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Chapter 128 consumer bankruptcy approaches to give you the "fresh start" you need and rebuild your credit after you successfully emerge from your bankruptcy experience. These strategies can also make threats of home foreclosure, auto repossession and wage garnishment things of the past.

Your Nicolet Law Office attorney will not judge you. We are here to help, just as we have helped so many individuals and families throughout Wisconsin. Your free initial consultation with the Nicolet Law Office, S.C., is as close as your phone, toll free from wherever you are in Wisconsin. 800-456-6956.

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Overwhelming medical bills are often a result of a personal injury, accident or illness. Our law firm has ample experience defending a wide variety of personal injury cases such as car accidents and semi-truck accidents.

Unemployment is still a big problem in our country. Your credit card debt may be piling up because you lost your job recently. Divorce can also lead to bankruptcy; mounting legal fees and the division of property can leave one party scraping by financially. A number of situations, depending on your unique circumstances, can lead to financial stress and uncertainty. They can be stressful, emotional, confusing and overwhelming. Our Eau Claire attorney for credit repair is highly skilled in creating plans to get your debt reduced and fix credit deficiencies.

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