Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Consolidating Your Debts to Protect Your Valuable Assets

Losing the things for which we have worked our whole lives can be a major concern in bankruptcy cases. If Chapter 7 bankruptcy is unavailable to you, or you have a large number of valuable assets, Chapter 13 may be an option.

You will be on track to basically consolidate your debts, only paying back your disposable income while protecting the rest of your income. You will be able to pay your mortgage, rent and vehicle payments while having enough money to cover the necessities for your family. Additionally, if you own a car or a home, this allows you to protect these valuable assets. Many homeowners who are facing foreclosure choose Chapter 13. You may also be eligible to remove your second or additional mortgages.

Along with offering more security, the process involved in filing Chapter 13 is more complicated. Seeking an experienced foreclosure defense attorney is a step toward protecting your belongings and easing your mind.

At Nicolet Law Office, S.C., our Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys act quickly to file your Chapter 13 bankruptcy case because we know that getting back on your financial feet and marching forward into a more promising future is very important.

Not everyone is eligible for Chapter 13. You must have a reliable source of income. You will pay your priority creditors in full and make monthly payments so that you can keep your secured assets. If you finish your payment plan, you will be rewarded with a discharge of the leftover debt. If, throughout this process, you find that you cannot make your payments, Chapter 13 allows for modifications and even a conversion to Chapter 7.

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