Wisconsin Real Estate Attorneys

As lifelong residents of western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota, the attorneys at Nicolet Law Office understand the variety of difficult real estate situations that people in the region may encounter.

We are particularly well-versed in issues involving cabins and other property in northwest Wisconsin, where the laws and regulations regarding real estate can be difficult to decipher, especially for those who do not live in the area.

Our lawyers are equipped to resolve all types of owner-to-owner disputes, including real estate litigation related to:

  • Shared driveways
  • Lot line disputes (boundary line disputes)
  • Adverse possession
  • Easement disputes
  • Lease disputes
  • Sale contract disputes
  • Partition actions

We are also prepared to help you with any type of association or administrative proceedings such as hearings and petitions for:

  • Zoning issues
  • Condemnation (eminent domain)
  • Variances

If you need legal counsel for these or any other real estate disputes, please contact us at 800-456-6956 or reach out to us online.  You can also visit any of our convenient office locations in Hudson, Eau Claire, St. Paul and Amery.

Consultation Fee In Real Estate Cases

We charge a $250 fee for real estate-related consultations. If you retain our services, we credit that fee toward the cost of our representation in your case.

Real-Life Examples Of Real Estate Disputes

New Neighbors And An Easement/Driveway Dispute

A client finds that a new neighbor purchases the cabin next door and wants to rip it down to build a much bigger lake home. The client has a driveway easement that would be encroached and/or blocked by this new, larger building. The new neighbor argues that the driveway easement is legally abandoned because the client has another access driveway.

The client has existing local counsel who is unsure what to do about this complex situation. Nicolet Law Office points out to local counsel that the standard for proving abandonment is much higher than for other related issues, and that the client has a good argument that the driveway is not abandoned.

The neighbor and his attorney eventually back down from their argument and reach a settlement with the client.

Family Dispute Over Property Ownership

A client comes in because a relative has moved into a jointly owned lake cabin property and is claiming he owns that part of the property. Our client has been threatened by the relative and told not to set foot on the jointly owned property. As a result, she is unable to use the cabin for an extended period.

We help our client file a partition action asking the court to either divide the property fairly or sell the property and divide the proceeds fairly. After a trial, the judge rules that the property should be sold and that our client does not have to pay expenses for the property while she was unable to use it.

Incorrect Legal Description Of Property Leads To Claim Against Seller And Title Insurer

Clients come to the firm after buying a lake cabin because the purchase was found to have an incorrect legal description and a lack of valid access to the cabin. We represent the clients in pursuing claims against the seller, another party arguing that access should not be granted over its land and the title insurance company. We litigate aggressively and it results in the other parties conceding that a valid easement exists. Our clients are also able to acquire additional property they had wanted.